3k Mega Bundle


??OMG!!!!! We just hit 3000 followers! To thank you how about I offer an absolutely INSANE bargain mega bundle??

Lets Call it the “3k Celebration Bundle”


1st Bundle- My Video Course Bundle: “How to make for 1st $1000 with your Creative Business”, $50 store credit- $250 Value

The course is broken up into several videos were I breakdown the following subjects..

1. The Art of Keeping it Simple Stupid-how to use the resources you have today without overthinking it
2. Making the most out of your time- finding the balance between starting a business and maintaining a nine to five and/or a household
3. Finding consistent high paying customers-the key to finding customers long-term to sustain your business
4. Marketing and Branding Tips- how to get your crafts to stand out in the crowd
5. How to make the most out of social media-how to build social media platforms that actually convert into sales
6. Successful mindset- preparing yourself for all of your future success
7. Action items. And this section I give you real tangible task for you to execute

Designs:”Big Sis” and “Lil Sis” (pictures in the comments) I also added “Pretty Girl Hustle”, “Black Girl Magic”, “I Ain’t for Everybody”, and “Queen Card” all in the bundle

2nd Bundle- The Best Seller Mega Bundle: 80 Designs: $960 Value
1. Bald Beauties Pack
2. Sister Power Pack
3. Black Love Pack
4. Coffee Lover Pack
5. Hats Pack
6. Sister Reading Pack
7. Sister Sewing Pack
8. Zaddy Pack 2.0
9. Mix & Match Pack
10 Deluxe Bundle Including: Afro Pack, Headwrap Pack, Short Hair Pack AND Zaddy Pack

3rd Bundle: Spring Cleaning Bundle: 80 Designs plus $75 Store Credit- $575

Nurse Pack-7 Designs
Curvy Dolls Pack- 7 Designs
Super Kids Pack-9 Designs
Couples Mix and Match Pack-12 Designs
Mythical Chocolate Pack (Includes Mermaid, Fairy, Unicorn)- 16 Designs
Relaxation Pack-2 Designs
Mommy and Daughter Mix and Match Pack- 14 Designs
Diva Dolls Pack- 4 Designs
Athletes Pack- 3 Designs
T-Shirt Parents Pack- 9 Design Pairs
Black Girl Magic- 1 Design
Signature Lips-1 Design
Ballerina- 1 Design

and Finally

4th Bundle: The Business Booster Bundle: Access to my Passion and Profit Master Class Group, My mockup Variety Pack AND a $150 store credit- $300

That is a staggering value of $2085 with $275 in store credit for


EVERYTHING YOU SEE BELOW for only $99 for the next 24 hours only!!!!! I literally cannot afford deals like this to last long

I have new designs coming out ALL week so even if you have many of these images already the bundle is worth it!

Take advantage of these store credits for future designs! I RARELY ever run deals this extreme. Take advantage now!

(AND YES If you already have these bundle you will be able to use the store credit again?)

3k Mega Bundle


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